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$30 6 Videos
  • Ep1: Client Side Development22:14
  • Ep. 4: Application Infrastructure49:15
  • Ep 5: Getting off the Ground1:08:44
  • Ep 6: Getting off the Ground Pt 21:18:18
  • Ep 3: Marionette JS17:48
  • Ep 2: Tenets of Backbone JS25:00

Backbone.js + Rails

Each episode takes you through what it's like moving logic to the client, and building workflows in Backbone JS. Episodes build up to completing a real application. You'll walk away with a firm understanding of the core tenants and concepts for building scalable single page applications.

  • 4:21:19,
  • Updated 9 months ago
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Free 8 Videos
  • Ep 1: Intro to Ember, Binding Da...4:46
  • Ep 2: Your First Route, Providin...5:24
  • Ep 3: Displaying a List of Data ...4:47
  • Ep 4: Master-Detail: Router.map,...6:51
  • Ep 5: Two-way Data-Binding, Rout...3:49
  • Ep: 6 Adding Objects to a List 3:12
  • Ep 7: Nested and Index Routes 5:17
  • Ep 8: Ember Data: Reading 6:41

Ember 101

A nice introduction to using ember.js for building rich client-side applications. We'll build a mini-app that allows you to create and display lists of users. Concepts include templates, binding, routing, and more.

  • 40:47,
  • Updated 9 months ago
  • 485
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$10 7 Videos
  • Custom Splat0:00
  • Ignore Arguments0:00
  • Implicit Splat0:00
  • Inline Assignment0:00
  • Naked Splat0:00
  • Splat Basics0:00
  • Splat Group0:00

Ruby: Splats and Destructuring Assignment

Learn splat basics to lay a foundation for more advanced splatting techniques. Then perform splatting without an explicit '*' operator. DRY up code with inline assignment, make an arbitrary object implicitly splat-able, and recursively destructure arrays using grouped assignment. Learn to ignore certain block arguments, and lastly tackle how to override base class methods while cleanly passing through multiple base-class arguments.

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  • Updated 10 months ago
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Free 42:54

EmberJs Hello World with Rails 4

This post covers setting up Rails4 as the persistence engine behind that example, plus adding and deleting records.

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$12 49:15

Ep. 4: Application Infrastructure

We'll look at the remaining Marionette Components, going into Application Infrastructure in detail. We'll explore helpful patterns for scaling your application such encapsulation, modules, decoupling components, and building API's.

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Free 5:24

Dive into Flexbox

Greg Smith shows you highlights of the new CSS3 layout mode ‘flexbox’ in this short-yet-informative screencast. Visit learnlayout.com to learn more about modern CSS layout techniques.

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Custom Splat

In today's episode we discover how to make an arbitrary object implicitly "splat"-able.

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Free 24:47

Ruby's Symbols Explained

Finally understand everything about symbols in Ruby, and why they're useful.

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$6 13:17

Testing Sinatra

This episode builds off of previous Sinatra episodes. In this video we will look at using the rack-test gem and minitest to test a Sinatra application.

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